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Watch the video to learn how Envisage works

A good floor capture is the key to success

The more floor you can sweep over and capture the better so long as its on the same level

If the animation of dots doesn't start with in 10 second try moving the iPad to the floor then back the hip height

If this does not start the scan force close the app and start again

How to close iPad apps

Download Envisage

Please note Envisage is optimised for Apple's ARkit which is on all iPad's launched after September 2017.  We recommend using these devices wherever possible. 


If you are trying to use an older iPad back to 2014 you may experience less stability once the AR model had been placed.

Envisage can also be used on iPhone's that have the ARkit.  Please note however Envisage has not been optimised for phone use and some of the menu buttons are not scaled to the screen size. 

Please read the following instruction to get up and running smoothly.

1. The download button below will take you to the app centre where Envisage is hosted.  To download you need to make sure you are viewing the mobile web page.


Tap AA found to the left of the browser bar. 


Tap Request Mobile Website.  If its says Request Desktop Website simply tap anywhere off the menu to close it as you are already on the mobile website. 


2. Select the ‘personal, company or school’ option, log in with your Stannah email address and windows password (the one you log into your laptop with).

3. If you are asked to add your device simply select I'm good to continue.

4. Now you can download the app.

5. Post download, you will need to follow the below steps before the app will open on the device:


Navigate to Settings app on the iPad home screen

Select General > Device management

Trust “App Center Registration service” OR "iPhone Distribution:Stannah Stairlifts Ltd" as a developer

Now open Envisage from the iPad home screen

5.If you are taking a screen recording you will need to grant the app access to your screen recording feature.  Select “screen recording” NOT  the “screen recording and camera” option.

If you are unable to access App Centre please submit a request below

Thank you for your request

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